NFL Week 1 DFS Lineup

QB: Cam Newton $7,300

I love Newton against the weak Dolphins defense. Look for a healthy Cam to bounce back in week 1.

RB: Christian McCaffrey $10,000

RB: Josh Jacobs $8,200

A great place to spend high on week 1 is running back. I am investing highly on this Head to head matchup, both facing weak run defenses.

WR: Stefon Diggs $6,600

WR: D.K. Metcalf $6,400

WR: Emmanuel Sanders $5,600

I love the value that all 3 of these options have. Diggs should become Josh Allen’s favorite target and will face one of his most favorable matchups all year (Jets). D.K. is emerging as a top young receiver in the league, and at $6,400 he’s a must pick. Sanders will benefit heavily from playing second fiddle to Thomas and should see his days share of targets.

TE: Jimmy Graham $5,000

Graham still has high touchdown potential and offers a very high value for a $5,000 player. If he can even post 10 points, he’ll be well worth the price.

Flex: Allen Robinson II $7,200

Miles Sanders was my pick here originally, but since he has now officially been declared inactive Allen Robinson will fill the flex spot. Through all of the Chicago Bears’ ups and downs, the one thing that has been stable is Allen Robinson, who opens the season against a suspect Detroit secondary.

D/ST: Colts $3,700

The Colts offer a lot of upside this year and are a great option facing one of the worst QBs in the league, Gardner Minshew.

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