NFL Trade Rumors

It has been a wild week for the NFL. Not only will there be an epic Championship Sunday featuring all 3 of the MVP candidates along with the GOAT, but the NFL rumor mill has been heating up. With many of the coaching and front office vacancies now filled, the future of league is starting to become clearer.

Matt Stafford Done in Detroit

Just days after the Lions hired Dan Campbell as their Head Coach a rumor has emerged that Stafford is asking to be traded away from the franchise. Stafford has been the QB of the Lions for the last 12 seasons, but has never won a playoff game and has a regular season record of 74-90-1. During those 12 seasons Stafford has never had a 1,000 yard rusher and rarely had much of a defense. A few of the rumored landing spots include San Francisco and Indianapolis. Stafford is already 32 and won’t have anywhere close to the value that Watson has. He is likely worth no more than a 2nd Round pick as the Lions have little leverage and there is a good chance that he will eventually be released rather than traded.

Chance of happening: Very Likely

Deshaun Watson to the Jets

If you haven’t heard of the Watson drama yet you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. The stud 25 year old demanded a trade just following the season, which has turned into the biggest sports news of the new year. Today Watson allegedly informed the Texans of a list of teams he would be willing to play for and the New York Jets have been rumored to be top of the list. Other teams that have been rumored to be in the mix are the Carolina Panthers and Miami Dolphins, but Watson won’t be cheap. The ask right now is said to be over two 1st Round Picks. If Watson were to be dealt to Miami, this of course would signal that Tua Tagovailoa would be sent back to the Texans, however, the Texans are reportedly not interested in the rookie.

Chance of happening: Very Likely

Teddy Bridgewater done in Carolina

Bridgewater was less than impressive in Carolina, and despite him missing his top weapon Christian McCaffrey, he is likely not going to start for the Panthers next season. The Panthers are sitting pretty at 8th overall in the NFL Draft, but they could see 3 QBs off the board before they pick. Bridgewater’s contract doesn’t allow for much of an option to cut him, so unless he is traded he likely won’t be moved. However, expect the Panthers to have a different starting QB Week 1 of the 2021 season. It is also worth noting that the Panthers coaching staff will be coaching prospect Mac Jones this week at the Senior Bowl.

Chance of happening: Unlikely

Jimmy Garoppolo back to NE

The 49ers are rumored to be making a move for Matt Stafford, which likely signals that Jimmy G’s time in the Bay Area could be done. If the 49ers move Garoppolo they can save upwards of $24M this offseason. The often injured QB hasn’t flashed much of an upside and is the highest paid game manager in the NFL…luckily for Jimmy, his former coaches from New England are looking for a game manager. The Patriots are rumored to be in trade talks with the Lions and the 49ers to include Garoppolo in a three team blockbuster deal.

Chance of happening: Rather Likely

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