DraftID The Podcast – Ep. 8 – Halloween Spooktacular


Now, in addition to our Friday episode, we are going to be releasing a Monday episode as well. Don’t worry, the Friday episode will stay the exact same, but the Monday episode will feature a reaction to the results of the prior weekend full of games. Be sure to follow and subscribe on Spotify / Apple Podcast and follow our Instagram and Twitter!

Halloween Weekend has arrived and that means two things: Spooky Season is at its peak and meaningful football is finally here. Harris starts off the podcast with exciting news regarding our upcoming podcast schedule. Then the boys discuss the MVP candidates through the first 7 weeks (00:02:30), Preview the Week 8 slate (00:23:45), rank their Top3/Bottom3 of all things Halloween (00:44:55) and then finish up with weekly awards (00:58:47). 

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