Anthony Richardson

QB, Florida | 6’4” 231 lbs


  • Potentially the best athlete in the entire draft class
  • Huge arm with insane zip…sometimes needs to use more touch
  • Stepped up in huge moments despite just 12 games as a college starter
  • Showed an insane amount of improvement and comfortability in just one season
  • Ball jumps off of his fingers with insane velocity


  • At times, he looked like a JV QB playing in a varsity game
  • Probably could’ve erased a lot of concerns with another year of improvement
  • A true boom or bust prospect

NFL Comparison: very raw Cam Newton

Range: Day 1-2

AR has been one of the most intriguing prospects in college football and may have had one of the most volatile seasons as a prospect. He is close to being in that first tier due to upside alone, but I am holding out until I see a full season of tape before I can move him up that high. Analysts have been split down the middle on Richardson; many have claimed he should return to Florida for another season, but scouts seem to think the upside is too good to ignore. When you watch him on film, the traits are the first thing that catch your eye. Richardson, who stands at 6’4” 240 lbs, has a rocket arm with elite zip and strength. He can throw the deep ball on a rope, despite lacking the necessary accuracy at times. To add to that, he is a 5-star athlete who will be heavily featured as a rushing threat throughout his football career. The biggest detractor is evident…Richardson has started just 10 career games and has looked completely lost at times as a passer. However, he has shown steady improvement throughout the season and has actually been much more efficient in SEC play than he was earlier in the season. He will be a true project, but the traits and upside should keep his name relevant. His improvement throughout his first 10 games are extremely encouraging and I am eager to fully evaluate a season of tape.