CJ Stroud

QB, Ohio State | 6’3” 218 lbs


  • Exceptional touch on all three levels…very gifted accuracy
  • One of most productive 2 year stretches in college football history
  • Very mobile in the pocket and athletic, despite not rushing in this offense


  • Has always been surrounded by best offensive weapons in nation
  • Broken plays expose ability to freestyle, but exceptional in scripted scenarios
  • Has struggled to deliver when it matters most…couldn’t get over the hump called Michigan

NFL Comparison: Justin Herbert at Oregon

Range: Top 10

The Buckeyes Junior has been one of the most productive players in college football since taking over from where Justin Fields left off. The Heisman finalist has thrown for 78 TDs and 7,200 yards with only 10 interceptions. At 6’3” 220 lbs, Stroud has a solid NFL build, which is just another box that he checks off. Stroud’s tape is extremely clean, but there are times that he gets caught with a hand in the cookie jar or trying to be aggressive and do too much for his team. His traits are very solid and his arm talent reminds me a lot of Justin Herbert coming out of college. He is one of the quickest mental processors in college football and possesses incredible touch to layer the football all around the field. The balanced, yet elite blend of tangible traits and intangible attributes is only the start of the discussion of why I believe Stroud has what it takes to be a Superstar in the NFL.