Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft

By Fantasy Baseball Analysts Matthew Rosser and Curtis Bailey

You know the drill. We hopped in a mock draft lobby as close to our Draft ID league (coming soon) as we could find and went to town.  The results and our analysis is below.

Round 1:

  1. Ronald Acuna(Michael) DraftID Rank 1
  2. Juan Soto(Broadway) DraftID Rank 5
  3. Mookie Betts(Craig) DraftID Rank 2
  4. Shane Bieber(Joe 2) DraftID Rank 13
  5. Mike Trout(Phil) DraftID Rank 4
  6. Gerrit Cole(Tenz) DraftID Rank 16
  7. Fernando Tatis(Jay) DraftID Rank 3
  8. Jacob Degrom(Logan) DraftID Rank 14
  9. Freddie Freeman(Ryan) DraftID Rank 9
  10. Trea Turner(Curtis) DraftID Rank 6
  11. Christian Yelich(Matthew) DraftID Rank 11
  12. Jose Ramirez(Harris) DraftID Rank 8

My general strategy coming in was to prioritize trustworthy bats and stack a bunch of solid 2/fringe ace pitchers. Then it was to go get the guys to fill in the gaps after round 13 or so. I also completely forgo saves and opt to play ratios and find saves on the waiver wire.

 Tatis probably dropped too far, and I’d go Turner over Freddie for Roto, but you could make a good case for Freeman based on position scarcity. I wouldn’t take any of the pitchers before any of these batters or Lindor, but I’m ok with them being fringe first rounders.  I took Yelich because I don’t trust Bellinger’s shoulder in redraft. Matthew Rosser

When I draft,  I always go bats first and try to let the draft come to me as much as possible. I try to avoid reaching for needs as much as possible; I would rather have a great bench bat than pay too much for a mediocre pitcher. 

It’s weird to see Tatis fall that far, and I also hate taking pitchers in round one. I do love that Turner fell to me at 10. Curtis Bailey

Round 2:

  1. Trevor Story(Harris) DraftID Rank 7
  2. Francisco Lindor(Matthew) DraftID Rank 10
  3. Cody Bellinger(Curtis) DraftID Rank 12
  4. Walker Buehler(Ryan) DraftID Rank21
  5. Trevor Bauer(Logan) DraftID Rank 25
  6. Yu Darvish(Jay) DraftID Rank 23
  7. Manny Machado(Tenz) DraftID Rank 27
  8. Xander Bogaerts(Phil) DraftID Rank 18
  9. Adalberto Mondesi(Joe) DraftID Rank 64
  10. DJ LeMahieu(Craig) DraftID Rank 28
  11. Bo Bichette(Broadway) DraftID Rank 20
  12. Bryce Harper(Michael) DraftID Rank 15

Mondesi this high is absurd, and I’d take Harper over everyone between him and Machado in general but nothing is too crazy up top. I love Lindor, especially in the Met lineup, and Bellinger’s injury is something to keep an eye on. MR

Bogaerts and Harper are getting some real disrespect and Mondesi is capable of being a top 10 player or not being a top 200 player. No chance I take him anywhere near this high. CB

Round 3:

  1. Nolan Arenado(Michael) DraftID Rank 29
  2. Aaron Nola(Broadway) DraftID Rank 37
  3. Luis Robert(Craig) DraftID Rank 45
  4. Lucas Giolito(Joe) DraftID Rank 35
  5. Max Scherzer(Phil) DraftID Rank 26
  6. Kyler Tucker(Tenz) DraftID Rank 36
  7. Jack Flaherty(Jay) DraftID Rank 63
  8. Eloy Jimenez(Logan) 34
  9. Ozzie Albies(Ryan) DraftID Rank 24
  10. Rafael Devers(Curtis) DraftID Rank 22
  11. Jose Abrue(Matthew) DraftID Rank 32
  12. Alex Bregman(Harris) DraftID Rank 19

There’s a good chance the best batter in this round is the last one that was taken. I’d take from Ozzie down before I’d take the fun young outfielders. I’d also not reach for Nola there. I love Abreu at this price and will take him there all day. MR

Flaherty went higher than several pitchers that I like a whole lot more than him. I like Robert and Tucker but they are too risky to take over the other batters in this round and a few in later rounds. CB

Round 4:

  1. Anthony Rendon(Harris) DraftID Rank 17
  2. Marcell Ozuna(Matthew) DraftID Rank 33
  3. Zac Gallen(Curtis) DraftID Rank 52
  4. Luis Castillo(Ryan) DraftID Rank 46
  5. Corey Seager(Logan) DraftID Rank 31
  6. Clayton Kershaw(Jay) DraftID Rank 57
  7. Whit Merrifield(Tenz) DraftID Rank 39
  8. J.T. Realmuto(Phil) DraftID Rank 59
  9. Brandon Woodruff(Joe) DraftID Rank 61
  10. Starling Marte(Craig) DraftID Rank 30
  11. George Springer(Broadway) DraftID Rank 51
  12. Tim Anderson(Michael) DraftID Rank 43

Rendon got sniped from me here, but I managed to get good value in Ozuna. Gallen has the highest ceiling but Woodruff might have the highest floor. MR

I didn’t like taking Realmuto this high before he was missing all of spring training. To take him ahead of Starling Marte is insane now that Realmuto is hurt. CB 

Round 5:

  1. Blake Snell(Michael) DraftID Rank 48
  2. Vladimir Guerrero(Broadway) DraftID Rank 41
  3. Aaron Judge(Craig) DraftID Rank 42
  4. Teoscar Hernandez(Joe) DraftID Rank 78
  5. Josh Hader(Phil) DraftID Rank 74
  6. Pete Alonso(Tenz) DraftID Rank 40
  7. Yordan Alvarez(Jay) DraftID Rank 44
  8. Randy Arozarena(Logan) DraftID Rank 98
  9. Luke Voit(Ryan) DraftID Rank 38
  10. Cavan Biggio(Curtis) DraftID Rank 47
  11. Corbin Burnes(Matthew) DraftID Rank 77
  12. Keston Hiura(Harris) DraftID Rank 101

There is great value for Judge here. I got robbed on Biggio so I decided to address my pitching. Between Burnes and Maeda, I like Maeda a lot more, but I thought I would get sniped on Burnes the most so I took him instead of rolling the Glasnow injury dice for my Ace. MR

I really wanted Voit, but Biggio was a great consolation prize. I have no clue what to do with Arozarena but I probably will end up with zero shares of him. I think Hiura might suck. CB

Round 6: 

  1. Tyler Glasnow(Harris) DraftID Rank 120
  2. Kenta Maeda(Matthew) DraftID Rank 60
  3. Brandon Lowe(Curtis) DraftID Rank 56
  4. Stephen Strasburg(Ryan) DraftID Rank 103
  5. Javier Baez(Logan) DraftID Rank 79
  6. Trent Grisham(Jay) DraftID Rank 67
  7. Sonny Gray(Tenz) DraftID Rank 85
  8. Lance Lynn(Phil) DraftID Rank 71
  9. Liam Hendriks(Joe) DraftID Rank 90
  10. Gleyber Torres(Craig) DraftID Rank 69
  11. Lourdes Gurriel(Broadway) DraftID Rank 81
  12. Yoan Moncada(Michael) DraftID Rank 93

I got Maeda to give myself a 1b ace. Lance Lynn was also in consideration. I really like the value of Brandon Lowe here, and I think he could be better than Biggio in the 2B/multi-eligible crop. MR

I wanted pitching at this pick but Lowe was too good of value at this pick for me to pass up. I don’t trust Strasburg. Sonny Gray over Lance Lynn doesn’t make any sense to me. CB

Round 7:

  1. Zach Plesac(Michael) DraftID Rank 114
  2. Hyun Jin Ryu(Broadway) DraftID Rank 117
  3. Michael Conforto(Craig) DraftID Rank 54
  4. Kyle Hendricks(Joe) DraftID Rank 76
  5. Ketel Marte(Phil) DraftID Rank 84
  6. Nelson Cruz(Tenz) DraftID Rank 49
  7. Eugenio Suarez(Jay) DraftID Rank 62
  8. Aroldis Chapman(Logan) DraftID Rank 115
  9. Max Fried(Ryan) DraftID Rank 65
  10. Dinelson Lamet(Curtis) DraftID Rank 53
  11. J.D. Martinez(Matthew) DraftID Rank 55
  12. Jeff McNeil(Harris) DraftID Rank 94

We’re starting to get into the first “get your guys” part of the draft: a few reaches here and there coupled with some ageism makes these rounds ripe for value. I would’ve taken Plesac after Fried but Lamet scares me in redraft.  JD Martinez is a huge bounceback candidate and a great third outfielder where applicable. MR

Lamet had offseason surgery but all signs point to him being ready to ball out this season. It’s too early to be taking Jeff McNeil. Cruz eats up that valuable utility spot, but if he produces like he always does he is more than worth it. CB

Round 8:

  1. Edwin Diaz(Harris) DraftID Rank 155
  2. Chris Paddack(Matthew) DraftID Rank 91
  3. Matt Olson(Curtis) DraftID Rank 72
  4. Raisel Iglesias(Ryan) DraftID Rank 146
  5. Charlie Blackmon(Logan) DraftID Rank 50
  6. Jose Altuve(Jay) DraftID Rank 70
  7. Nick Castellanos(Tenz) DraftID Rank 68
  8. Framber Valdez(Phil) DraftID Rank 170
  9. Zach Greinke(Joe) DraftID Rank 113
  10. Jose Berrios(Craig) DraftID Rank 132
  11. Austin Meadows(Broadway) DraftID Rank 58
  12. Zack Wheeler(Michael) DraftID Rank 112

A little early for closers but they’ve started to go the last few rounds. I opted to take a high upside pitching swing instead. Paddack may have some issues with innings but he could be incredible when he pitches and has more upside than the other pitchers. I like the order of the batters except for the auto-draft faux pas listed below. MR

I tried to take Blackmon here but got distracted and auto-drafted Olson. I like both of them more than anyone else in this round. I am very confident when I tell you I will not draft Edwin Diaz in any leagues. CB

Round 9:

  1. Ian Anderson(Michael) DraftID Rank 105
  2. Jesus Luzardo(Broadway) DraftID Rank 92
  3. Max Muncy(Craig) DraftID Rank 87
  4. Kenly Jansen(Joe) DraftID Rank 213
  5. James Karinchak(Phil) DraftID Rank 129
  6. Paul Goldschmidt(Tenz) DraftID Rank 86
  7. Alec Bohm(Jay) DraftID Rank 89
  8. Dylan Bundy(Logan) DraftID Rank 145
  9. Carlos Carrasco(Ryan) DraftID Rank 88
  10. Dominic Smith(Curtis) DraftID Rank 83
  11. Matt Chapman(Matthew) DraftID Rank 66
  12. Anthony Rizzo(Harris) DraftID Rank 73

I saw the run of pitching coming and tried to get out in front of it earlier with my Paddack pick. It worked out, as I got a great value in Chapman and rounded out most of my bats. I am avoiding Jansen at all costs. MR

I really wanted to take a pitcher this round but apparently so did everyone else. So I took the very underrated Dominic Smith hoping that Sixto would make it to my next pick. Carrasco was great value here. CB

Round 10:

  1. Julio Urias(Harris) DraftID Rank 136
  2. Sixto Sanchez(Matthew) DraftID Rank 95
  3. Will Smith(Curtis) DraftID Rank 118
  4. Ryan Pressly(Ryan) DraftID Rank 171
  5. Salvador Perez(Logan) DraftID Rank 111
  6. Byron Buxton(Jay) DraftID Rank 250
  7. Kris Bryant(Tenz) DraftID Rank 116
  8. Charlie Morton(Phil) DraftID Rank 148
  9. Brad Hand(Joe) DraftID Rank 131
  10. Wilson Contreras(Craig) DraftID Rank 158
  11. Mike Yastrzemski(Broadway) DraftID Rank 96
  12. Giancarlo Stanton(Michael) DraftID Rank 128

I decided to go back to the pitcher well for my 4th fixture arm, and took more upside in Sixto after taking 2 safe aces. Good blend of potential and post hype guys in this round. I love Yaz and Bryant here. I hate Buxton. I generally avoid Dodgers for playing time concerns, and would’ve avoided Urias and Smith here, but the upside is legit for both. MR

Sixto did not make it to me so instead I took a high upside catcher instead of reaching for a different pitcher. I’m very low on Buxton so him being taken here is hilarious to me. I love Mike Yastrezemski as a solid set and forget top 100 guy. CB

Round 11:

  1. Lance McCullers(Michael) DraftID Rank 104
  2. Eric Hosmer(Broadway) DraftID Rank 153
  3. Dylan Moore(Craig) DraftID Rank 141
  4. Patrick Corbin(Joe) DraftID Rank 119
  5. Carlos Correa(Phil) DraftID Rank 121
  6. Tommy Pham(Tenz) DraftID Rank 75
  7. Dansby Swanson(Jay) DraftID Rank 107
  8. Alex Verdugo(Logan) DraftID Rank 82
  9. Wil Myers(Ryan) DraftID Rank 106
  10. Mike Moustakas(Curtis) DraftID Rank 138
  11. Tommy Edman(Matthew) DraftID Rank 127
  12. Eddie Rosario(Harris) DraftID Rank 80

I wanted Verdugo, but he didn’t make it to me. Also liked Corbin as a bounce back pitcher, but had to settle for taking my favorite full time utility player to fill out my infield minus catcher. I love Tommy Edman and I don’t care who knows it. MR

This was my least favorite pick in the draft. I really wanted Dyan Moore but he got taken early in the round. Then, I didn’t really see anyone on the horizon that interested me so I defaulted to the very boring and always useful Moose. CB

Round 12: 

  1. Yasmani Grandal(Harris) DraftID Rank 126
  2. Joe Musgrove(Matthew) DraftID Rank 175
  3. Joey Gallo(Curtis) DraftID Rank 130
  4. Taylor Rogers(Ryan) DraftID Rank 188
  5. Jonathan Villar(Logan) DraftID Rank 149
  6. Ryan Mountcastle(Jay) DraftID Rank 139
  7. Pablo Lopez(Tenz) DraftID Rank 147
  8. Jorge Soler(Phil) DraftID Rank 110
  9. Michael Brantley(Joe) DraftID Rank 100
  10. Devin Williams(Craig) DraftID Rank 97
  11. Travis d’Arnaud(Broadway) DraftID Rank 142
  12. Kyle Lewis(Michael) DraftID Rank 109

I like everyone in this round at their value. As stated, I generally avoid chasing saves, but Rogers and Williams offer great ratios as well and this is about exactly where I’d take Kyle Lewis and have no regrets. MR

I looked at Gausman and Montas here because I needed pitching, but decided I could wait another round and take home run monster Joey Gallo. I love d’Arnaud for this season. Pablo Lopez is going to be a fun pitcher to own this year. CB

Round 13:

  1. Sandy Alcantra(Michael) DraftID Rank 176
  2. Mike Soroka(Broadway) DraftID Rank 187
  3. Kevin Gausman(Craig) DraftID Rank 168
  4. Gio Urshela(Joe) DraftID Rank 144
  5. Ke’Bryan Hayes(Phil) DraftID Rank 123
  6. Nick Anderson(Tenz) DraftID Rank 174
  7. Frankie Montas(Jay) DraftID Rank 166
  8. Rhys Hoskins(Logan) DraftID Rank 169
  9. Dylan Carlson(Ryan) DraftID Rank 182
  10. Didi Gregorius(Curtis) DraftID Rank 99
  11. Christian Vazquez(Matthew) DraftID Rank 180
  12. Franmil Reyes(Harris) DraftID Rank 133

I love this round too. But I sort of hate my pick.  A ton of upside across the board and Hoskins is a high floor guy at worst, but I didn’t like any of the utility bats left when I picked more than I believe that Christian Vasquez can be a top 10 catcher by volume alone. Just give me something at that black hole position. For the love of God. MR

All of my starting batting positions are now filled out and I need pitching. Both of my pitchers I decided to wait on got snagged. So, instead of reaching to fill my need, I took Didi who was a great value here but not needed on my team. I anticipate in every league I’m in this year I’ll own Gausman. I will not let him slip away from me again. CB

Round 14:

  1. Marco Gonzales(Harris) DraftID Rank 261
  2. Dustin May(Matthew) DraftID Rank 191
  3. David Price(Curtis) DraftID Rank 202
  4. Ramon Laureano(Ryan) DraftID Rank 102
  5. Ian Happ(Logan) DraftID Rank 135
  6. Gary Sanchez(Jay) DraftID Rank 253
  7. Aaron Civale(Tenz) DraftID Rank 159
  8. Marcus Semien(Phil) DraftID Rank 122
  9. Trey Mancini(Joe) DraftID Rank 164
  10. Shohei Ohtani P(Craig) DraftID Rank 254
  11. Trevor Rosenthal(Broadway) DraftID Rank 270
  12. Andres Gimenez(Michael) DraftID Rank Unranked

Man, that middle round cliff is STEEP. I took May because I believe at worst he provides great ratios, innings, positional flexibility (took him as an RP), and a few wins… Even though he is a Dodger. Only batter I love here is Mancini. MR

Price is who I wanted here. Very happy that May went first and allowed Price to fall to me. Mancini and Semien could end up being incredible values here. Both very high floor guys. CB

Round 15: 

  1. Josh Bell(Michael) DraftID Rank 134
  2. AJ Pollock(Broadway) DraftID Rank 156
  3. German Marquez(Craig) DraftID Rank 181
  4. Victor Reyes(Joe) DraftID Rank 239
  5. Anthony Santander(Phil) DraftID Rank 205
  6. Daulton Varsho(Tenz) DraftID Rank 200
  7. Triston McKenzie(Jay) DraftID Rank 140
  8. Tyler Mahle(Logan) DraftID Rank 234
  9. Victor Robles(Ryan) DraftID Rank 143
  10. Alex Colome(Curtis) DraftID Rank 162
  11. Corey Kluber(Matthew) DraftID Rank 233
  12. Chris Bassitt(Harris) DraftID Rank 210

There’s a good blend of “can they do it again” and “can they put it all together” in this round. I’m ok with all of them but am partial to Santander and Robles over the other non-Josh Bell batters. I like Kluber as a 5-6 starter, he has a high ceiling and if he’s pitching in May it won’t be because he’s bad and the Yankees have no choice. MR

I wanted Triston McKenzie here and my backup option was Tyler Mahle. So of course they both got taken and I ended up filling my need for saves with Colome. CB

Round 16: 

  1. Craig Kimbrel(Harris) DraftID Rank 219
  2. Dallas Keuchel(Matthew) DraftID Rank 183
  3. Jake Cronenworth(Curtis) DraftID Rank 108
  4. Ha-Seong Kim(Ryan) DraftID Rank Unranked
  5. Rafael Montero(Logan) DraftID Rank 221
  6. Tony Gonsolin(Jay) DraftID Rank 160
  7. Andrew Heaney(Tenz) DraftID Rank 226
  8. Austin Nola(Phil) DraftID Rank 172
  9. Jameson Taillon(Joe) DraftID Rank 206
  10. Kirby Yates(Craig) DraftID Rank 242
  11. Jose Urquidy(Broadway) DraftID Rank 194
  12. Sean Murphy(Michael) DraftID Rank 195

Taking Keuchel after Kluber sort filled out my rotation for the most part. They are both relatively known quantities trying to rediscover their stuff, as I prioritized drafting innings, era/whip, K potential and wins (in that order) throughout my draft. MR

I wanted Chris Bassitt here because I still need pitching very badly, but as was the case for most of this draft he didn’t make it to me. I like Cronenworth as a high upside super utility bat so I grabbed him. CB

Round 17:

  1. Nathan Eovaldi(Michael) DraftID Rank 259
  2. John Means(Broadway) DraftID Rank 222
  3. Cristian Javier(Craig) DraftID Rank 177
  4. James McCann(Joe) DraftID Rank Unranked
  5. Zach Eflin(Phil) DraftID Rank 257
  6. Eduardo Rodriguez(Tenz) DraftID Rank 204
  7. Richard Rodriguez(Jay DraftID Rank 247
  8. Marcus Stroman(Logan) DraftID Rank 273
  9. Nick Solak(Ryan) DraftID Rank 179
  10. Matt Barnes(Curtis) DraftID Rank 235
  11. David Fletcher(Matthew) DraftID Rank 125
  12. Michael Pineda(Harris) DraftID Rank Unranked 

One of my favorite picks in the draft; filled my utility spot with one of the safest, most flexible late rounders in the game. I like the reach for John means here but it could’ve been waited on. MR

I got auto-drafted again here but Barnes should see plenty of save opportunities so I don’t hate the pick. Cristian Javier would’ve been incredible to get here.CB 

Round 18:

  1. Drew Smyly(Harris) DraftID Rank 294
  2. Jared Walsh(Matthew) DraftID Rank 178
  3. Josh Donaldson(Curtis) DraftID Rank 257
  4. Mitch Garver(Ryan) DraftID Rank Unranked
  5. Zach Davies(Logan) DraftID Rank 185
  6.  Elieser Hernandez(Jay) DraftID Rank Unranked 
  7. Drew Pomeranz(Tenz) DraftID Rank 231
  8. Brady Singer(Phil) DraftID Rank 227
  9. Andrew McCutchen(Joe) DraftID Rank 167
  10. Nate Pearson(Craig) DraftID Rank 280
  11. Clint Frazier(Broadway) DraftID Rank 217
  12. Jordan Hicks(Michael) DraftID Rank 248

I filled my last starting bat spot with one of my favorite out of nowhere Covid call-ups. I like a lot of the pitchers in this round too. MR

I didn’t see any pitchers that I felt were worth reaching for so I took 251 legend Josh Donaldson. I would’ve taken Walsh had he fallen to me. CB

Round 19:

  1. Miguel Sano(Michael) DraftID Rank 252
  2. Archie Bradley(Broadway) DraftID Rank Unranked
  3. Randal Grichuk(Craig) DraftID Rank 196
  4. Chris Taylor(Joe) DraftID Rank 220
  5. Nick Madrigal(Phil) DraftID Rank 124
  6. Max Kepler(Tenz) DraftID Rank 154
  7. Jorge Polanco(Jay) DraftID Rank 199
  8. Christian Walker(Logan) DraftID Rank 173
  9. Jean Segura(Ryan) DraftID Rank 241
  10. Sean Manaea(Curtis) DraftID Rank 262
  11. Jarred Kelenic(Matthew) DraftID Rank 150
  12. Justin Turner(Harris) DraftID Rank 137

For my fiirst bench bat spot, I went with a potential 5 category contributor I could afford to wait a few weeks on. I like the batters more than the pitchers in this round but Manea could be a decent back end inning eater. Everyone else has their warts though. MR 

I had wanted Zach Davies here but he got snagged right after my last pick. My next choice was Manaea so thankfully that worked out for me. This was a gross round. I don’t want any of the non-Manaea guys on any of my teams. CB

Round 20:

  1. Kyle Schwarber(Harris) DraftID Rank 189
  2. Nick Senzel(Matthew) DraftID Rank 212
  3. James Paxton(Curtis) DraftID Rank 244
  4. J.D. Davis(Ryan) DraftID Rank 163
  5. Jesse Winker(Logan) DraftID Rank 198
  6. Andrew Benintendi(Jay) DraftID Rank 246
  7. Leody Taveras(Tenz) DraftID Rank Unranked
  8. Austin Riley(Phil) DraftID Rank 267
  9. Manuel Margot(Joe) DraftID Rank 276
  10. Jurickson Profar(Craig) DraftID Rank Unranked
  11. Will Smith(Broadway) DraftID Rank 225
  12. Brian Anderson(Michael) DraftID Rank 208

My next bench batting spot went to a former top prospect who has every single tool but health. When he plays healthy, he’s been very, very good. Lots of potential in the bats in general in this round, most of whom are “one adjustment away” guys. MR

I pegged Paxton as my guy here and he didn’t get sniped. I’m just as surprised as you. The goal with Paxton is to have him for like 5-10 good starts and then trade him before he gets hurt. CB

Round 21:

  1. Gavin Lux(Michael) DraftID Rank 186
  2. Garrett Hampson(Broadway) DraftID Rank Unranked
  3. Hunter Dozier(Craig) DraftID Rank 230
  4. Lorenzo Cain(Joe) DraftID Rank 218
  5. Jordan Montgomery(Phil) DraftID Rank Unranked
  6. Willi Castro(Tenz) DraftID Rank 245
  7. Austin Hayes(Jay) DraftID Rank Unranked 
  8. Jeimer Candelario(Logan) DraftID Rank 291
  9. Ryan McMahon(Ryan) DraftID Rank 232
  10. Michael Kopech(Curtis) DraftID Rank 209
  11. Alex Kiriloff(Matthew) DraftID Rank 215
  12. Brandon Nimmo(Harris) DraftID Rank 223

There is lots of wait and see/early season oranges in this round. There’s a good chance the best players here are the ones that aren’t guaranteed a roster spot, like Kopech, Lux, Hampson, and Kiriloff. I opted for Kiriloff because I think that at least one of him and Kelenic will be up by week 4 and immediately contribute. MR

I think Kopech will be very good when he finally gets his chance. At the time of the mock I thought that would be April this year. Turns out, he is likely starting in the bullpen so in hindsight not a great pick for me here. Would’ve taken Sale if I had known this before the draft. A half season of Sale is better than a full season of most pitchers. CB

Round 22: 

  1. Chris Sale(Harris) DraftID Rank 152
  2. Griffin Canning(Matthew) DraftID Rank Unranked
  3. Kwang Hyun Kim(Curtis) DraftID Rank Unranked
  4. Kyle Seager(Ryan) DraftID Rank 211
  5. Kole Calhoun(Logan) DraftID Rank 224
  6. Jon Berti(Jay) DraftID Rank 277
  7. Ryan Yarbrough(Tenz) DraftID Rank 282
  8. Amed Rosario(Phil) DraftID Rank Unranked
  9. Mark Canha(Joe) DraftID Rank 165
  10. Mitch Haniger(Craig) DraftID Rank 240
  11. Diego Castillo(Broadway) DraftID Rank 289
  12. Yasiel Puig(Michael) DraftID Rank Unranked

I want nothing to do with Chris Sale in redraft. This late I wanted fliers or novocaine guys. Canning is the former. He has elite swing and miss stuff, and just can’t put the tools together. I love Mark Canha this late. He is a set and forget top 100 bat. Think of him as Yaz, but 10 rounds cheaper. MR

Thought about Yarbrough and wanted Sale but ended up taking Kwang Hyun Kim because he is a relatively high floor starter. I believe Haniger is the guy that loses out when Kelenic gets the call. CB

Round 23:

  1. Justus Sheffield(Michael) DraftID Rank 285
  2. Anthony Bass(Broadway) DraftID Rank Unranked 
  3. MacKenzie Gore(Craig) DraftID Rank 214
  4. Joey Wendle(Joe) DraftID Rank Unranked
  5. Jake Diekman(Phil) DraftID Rank 284
  6. Mauricio Dubon(Tenz) DraftID Rank Unranked
  7. Dane Dunning(Jay) DraftID Rank 279
  8. Buster Posey(Logan) DraftID Rank 238
  9. Raimel Tapia(Ryan) DraftID Rank 197
  10. Wander Franco(Curtis) DraftID Rank 151
  11. Spencer Turnbill(Matthew) DraftID Rank Unranked
  12. Bobby Dalbec(Harris) DraftID Rank 264

Tapia is a great back end average booster, Wander and Gore are great late stashes, and Dunning and Sheffield have the pedigrees to be very useful. Since they were all gone, I opted for a safe super-streamer I won’t mind dropping if/when it stops working out.

Overall, I am very happy with my draft. I don’t care about the players I took as much as I care about when I took them, and I think I maximized both my floor and my ceiling while only taking one real reach (which, in a real league, would have paid off the next day. Thanks, Seattle Rotary Club). MR

I wanted Sheffield here and he got taken. So then I wanted Tapia and he got taken. At that point, the number 1 prospect Wander Franco was just staring at me, so I stashed him. Dalbec as Mr. Irrelevant could be a very fun power source.

I crushed the draft from a batting perspective. My pitching is pretty weak, so I should’ve been more aggressive when drafting arms. I do believe that, were this an actual draft, I have more than enough depth at batting to find my way into good pitching during the season through trades or free agency . CB