Max Duggan

QB, TCU | 6’2” 210 lbs


  • 4 year starter that has showcased significant improvement over career…dream senior year after re-winning his job…shows perseverance and grit
  • Big arm with underrated zip…maybe most underrated passer in the entire class
  • Protected the ball well in a pass happy offense…just 14 interceptions on last 835 attempts over last 3 years
  • Underrated athlete…not afraid to tuck and run…1,837 rushing yards and 25 TDs on the ground in career
  • High caliber intangibles that you look for in a guy who could be the face of the franchise


  • Struggled to get much going in first three years…major late bloomer, however turns just 22 in March
  • Arm is good, but nothing spectacular…NFL has shown that to be overrated category (see Zach Wilson)
  • Stats a bit inflated in the Big 12…not known for great defense

NFL Comparison: Big 12 Matthew Stafford

Range: 1st Rd to Day 2

There is not a bigger riser at the QB position this year than Max Duggan. This fall, the three year starter entered his senior camp with the Horned Frogs in a QB battle that he ended up losing to Chandler Morris. Due to an early season injury, Duggan regained his former job and came back with a vengeance. In a QB, that tells me a lot…I want a guy that can rise to the occasion when his back is against the wall. A good example of this in the NFL is the current situation in New York with both the Jets and the Giants. Both trotted high end draft picks at the QB position for big seasons this year, but only one rose to the occasion. Would you rather have the flashy “Mahomes-like” passer, or the grinder that is willing to get the job done the right way?

Duggan finished his senior year with 3,300 passing yards and 23 TDs while completing 64% of his passes. He also added 404 yards on the ground and another 6 TDs. Duggan went from borderline written off at TCU to a campus legend who led the team to their first CFP birth along with a trip to New York as a Heisman finalist. He may not have the flashiest arm of all time, but don’t mistake he still has a big arm with plenty of strength. The processing is good, but certainly an area that will be cleaned up and pushed to become quicker in the decision making department. Duggan will be in Mobile for a well earned Senior Bowl invite and I think the rise is just getting started. The gritty QB will certainly continue to win over scouts and GMs throughout the draft process.