Quentin Johnston

WR, TCU | 6’4” 215 lbs


  • Built in a lab…6’4″ 215 with breakaway speed and strength to overpower CBs.
  • Explosive homrun threat with big time long speed to blow the top off
  • Length, frame and athleticism is what will get him drafted


  • Production was short of special and struggled with consistency…but had 7+ games of 130+ yards
  • Route tree is point of developmental emphasis
  • High ceiling project in a weaker class

NFL Comparison: DK Metcalf

Range: First Round

Quentin Johnston is a fun, high ceiling prospect that entered the 2022 season with major boom or bust potential. Through the first month of the season, it seemed as it was time to write Johnston off until he exploded for 952 yards and 6 TDs in an 8 game stretch during the most important time of the season. Johnston is a big time home run hitter with exceptional long, breakaway speed that will be utilized on the outside in the NFL. He brings a great blend of size, length and wirey strength that can be an every down receiver in the NFL.