Stetson Bennett

QB, Georgia | 5’11” 190 lbs


  • Led back to back National Championship campaigns after taking over as the full time starter at UGA
  • There’s no denying the grit and determination…sounds very cliche, but he worked 7 years to get to where he is today
  • A very underrated arm…smaller guy but can really move the ball. Not afraid to take deep shots and will surprise you with his talent
  • Doesn’t get the credit for the athlete that he is…he looks goofy as can be but is frequently one of the best athletes on the field


  • Size is an actual concern…not many 190 lbs 5’10” QBs in the NFL, especially dual threat
  • Arm is good and can thrive in a Shannahan-type offense but I’m not sure he will take over games with it
  • He’s older than Lamar Jackson…and over half the NFL starting QBs

NFL Comparison: Colt McCoy

Range: Anywhere from 3rd Round to 5th Round

You’ve seen the memes…the 25 year old “mail man” had a historic career at UGA that will cement his legacy in Bulldog lore. Bennett seemingly showed improvement every time that he stepped on the field and compiled 56 passing TDs and 11 rushing TDs in his back-to-back title campaigns. Despite his goofy play style and look, Bennett commanded the offense and frequently made defenders look foolish while underestimating his athleticism and skillset. Despite being surrounded by an elite defense, 5 star skill players and a top rated offensive line for every snap of his career, Bennett still deserves a lot of the credit for winning so many games. It’s a lot easier said than done when giving credit to a guy’s situation and not many players in the history of college football got the results that Bennett did.

As far as NFL potential, we’ve seen guys with a lot less do a lot more than experts are predicting for Bennett. He clearly has the “clutch gene” and has gotten the job done on the biggest scale multiple times before. He layers the ball with great accuracy and is not afraid to throw the ball deep, despite his scrawny build. I have a hard time picking where certain NFL starter, such as Tua Tagovailoa, have any more upside than Bennett presents. I think the success out of Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy opens the doors wider for less than perfect prospects with “limited upside”. Bennett is worlds better than 2021 3rd round picks such as Malik Willis and Matt Corral…so I won’t be surprised if I hear his name called higher than the 3rd round.